Dress Code
It is extremely important to know Shadows' dress code policy. if a member is not dress according to this code, the club will denies entry to this member. Shadows reserves the right to refuse entry to a member at any time. We do not need to instruct our members how to dress. We pride ourselves on not only representing the absolute finest quality people in the Lifestyle, but also in providing one of the most hip and upscale events in the area. We do, however, feel that maintaining an environment that is reflective of our commitment to provide the best all around atmosphere for everyone.  

Here are some Very Basic guide lines you should follow:

Men should dress to impress. This is an example of Shadows' acceptable and appropriate Men's Attire 

For men

No Camouflage

No Shorts

NO Baggy or Over-Sized Clothing | NO T-Shirts | NO Hats, Beanies or Headgear

NO Backpacks or Over-Sized Bags |

NO Sports Attire of ANY kind (Sweats, Jerseys or Athletic Wear unless it is a Theme Night )

NO Sneakers, Lugz, Timberland’s, Construction Style Boots

| NO Cargo Pants | NO Sandals | NO Tank Tops

NO Shorts or tank tops ( Female are allowed to wear shorts  and tank tops  ) 

Jeans are acceptable 

We are an upscale private membership club, please help us keep it that way by dressing accordingly.

For women

NO Hats

Hot and Sexy Club wear

Let’s keep it hot and sexy!

We are an upscale private membership nightclub, please help us keep it that way by dressing accordingly.

Please help us avoid having to turn you away at the door. Dress to impress!​